Hotel Info:

Holiday Inn Morgantown

6170 Morgantown Rd.

Morgantown, PA 19643

The Holiday in is connected to the show hall.

$97 w/$25 Refundable pet fee on inspections

and exhibitor signed pet release.

225 Pedigreed and Household Pet Kittens and cats!  Championship Cats and Neutered/Spayed Kittens/Cats compete in 6 rings on Sunday February 25th.

Del. River Cats Exhibitor Info:

A copy of the show flyer can be found here and on CFA show rules can be found here.

Registration will close Monday April 8th 2019. See show flier for entry fee details. Don't forget that your household pet could be a star! New to showing? Helpful info can be found at

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Morgantown Center

6180 Morgantown Rd.

Morgantown, PA 19643

Air-conditioned & Handicapped accessible.


Check in is from 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Judging starts at 9 am

Show Hall opens at 8 am on Sunday